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Copper Alloy UNS C87800 - AZoM

2013717 ... Other elements, such as silicon and lead, are added to further enhance the properties of brass. The following datasheet discusses the chemical ...

Cast Copper Alloys: Brasses C83300 - C89999

C86000-C86999: Manganese Bronze and Leaded Manganese Bronze Alloy High Strength Yellow Brasses ... C87800*. Cast Silicon. Bronze.

COPPER CASTING ALLOYS - Copper Development Association Inc.

Manganese Bronze and Leaded Manganese Bronze Alloys ... C87800 1,2 500, Die Cast Silicon Brass S, CL, PM, 80.0 min.l4 .

UNS C87800 Silicon Brass -

The graph bars on the material properties cards below compare C87800 brass to: cast brasses top , all copper alloys middle , and the entire database bottom .

C83600 Alloy, C836 Leaded Red Brass - Concast Metal Products

C83600 Leaded Red Brass Alloys are typically used in plumbing appli ions, but are found within other industries. View C836 Spec Sheet for more ...

ASTM B176 - 18 Standard Specifi ion for Copper-Alloy Die Castings

Castings - Copper Alloys - Die Casting - Manganese Bronze - Silicon Bronze - Yellow Brass. ICS Code. ICS Number Code 77.150.30 Copper products .

List of copper alloys - Wikipedia

They have high resistance against corrosion. The best known traditional types are bronze, where tin is a significant addition, and brass, using zinc instead.

Selection and Appli ion of Copper Alloy Castings - ASM Digital ...

C86500, Manganese bronze … 58 … … 39, 1, 1, 0.5 Mn. C87800, Silicon brass, ZS144A, 82 … … 14 … … 4 Si. C87900, Silicon yellow brass, ZS331A, 65 …

Tombasil, UNS C87800, Copper Casting Alloy - MatWeb

Silicon Brass, ASTM B176; ASTM ZS144A, Casting methods recommended for this alloy: die. Appli ions: Bearings, gears, impellers, rocker arms, valve stems, ...

Bronze and Brass - Sipi Metals

110,000 T.S.. Silicon Bronze. C87300, Art Grade Everdur . C87500, Silicon Brass. C87610, Herculoy. C87800, Silicon Brass.